Johnson City, TN — The ETSU Game Time Tour will be in Elizabethton and Johnson City on Thursday… Last night they were in the “Model City,” talking about how pleased they were with the fan turnout.

We also got a chance to speak with ETSU head basketball coach Des Oliver, who found out a few days ago he has another hole to fill on this year’s roster after Mohab Yasser informed him he wanted to turn pro overseas.

The 6-foot-5, 183-pound guard from Egypt was penciled in to be a big star for the Bucs in the coming years. Already on the SoCon freshman team, this was a sting to coach Oliver at first.

“I said Mo how badly do mom, and dad needs you to make money and he said terrible, so to me, it was a no brainier the contract he has a chance to sign is more money than people will see in two years most kids come here to get an education and get a job and Mo has a chance to sign a contract that’s a really really good job for a lot of money so after been selfish and worrying about myself and this team I was super happy for the young man.”