Bristol native Cross honored to be a part of the USA Collegiate National team

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Greeneville, TN — “He’s just got a great swing.” “He can do a lot of things offensively” “He competes at a high, high level.”

Tennessee High alum Gavin Cross always makes his best impressions felt with his feet in the box…

“Offensively, offensively when we play Virginia Tech, a couple of guys you pay more attention to than everybody else. Gavin Cross you’re not going to let him beat you that weekend, says NC State head coach Elliott Avent.”

This past season…Cross became the first Hokie freshman to be named to an All-A-C-C First team, but he switched out the Maroon and Orange for the Red, White, and Blue.

“Cross says It’s probably the best honor that you can get as a college baseball player to play for Team USA, so it’s just something that you’ve always wanted to do as a kid and it’s a milestone that you’ll remember forever.”

“I called Eric Campbell, I think after we played Virginia Tech and I said I can tell you one player that’s going to make that ball club is Gavin Cross, added Avent.”

Even the Hookies head man sees eye-to-eye with his coaching counterpart…

“To see a left-handed hitter who’s just a natural, pure left-handed hitter, you don’t see it very often, says John Szefc, Hokies head baseball coach “

“We’re playing in front of scouts and people every day, we got to show them what you can do. Be yourself, play hard and kind of just go about your daily business how you would any other day.”

“The longer you play this game, the better you get and he just needs to keep playing the game like everybody and it’s going to be his accent to the Big Leagues, says Cross.”

The shows gonna be on standby for 59…But the Hokie has no problem waiting on deck…

“Baseball is baseball, but meeting the people and building those relationships is something special according to Cross.”

So it sounds like Cross is ready to make impressions outside the box. In Greeneville…Jesse Krull News channel 11 Sports.

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