Chance Taylor wins 2020 East Tennessee Amateur


ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – Chance Taylor entered the final round of the William B. Greene Jr. East Tennessee Amateur two strokes behind the leader, Clint Lowe. A clutch trio of birdies on the final three holes helped him come back and secure the title.

Taylor was two strokes behind Lowe and Ryan Terry after a bogey on the 15th hole. After back-to-back birdies on the 16th and 17th holes, it was all tied on the 18th tee.

All three golfers made up Sunday’s final grouping, and all three made it to the 18th green with a chance to birdie. Lowe and Terry needed two putts to finish the hole, but Taylor sunk his birdie putt to win the title.

“I felt great when I woke up this morning, felt really confident and then I go out and play the first three holes +2, so that went downhill a little bit,” Taylor said after the round. “But I felt really good, my birthday is tomorrow so coming up through here I figured it would be a nice birthday to go out and win today and have a trophy for my birthday.”

Taylor does take home a trophy in his first win at the East Tennessee Amateur. This is also his first appearance in the tournament.

Lowe had the lead at -6 coming into Sunday’s action, while Taylor sat at -4. Both are Gate City natives, and golf together on a regular basis.

Tyler Lane won the ETA each of the last two years, and looked to become the first golfer to ever three-peat the tournament. He followed up Saturday’s 75 with a 67 on Sunday, which helped him reach the leaderboard.

Here are the final scores for all divisions of the tournament:

William B. Greene
East Tennessee Amateur
Sunday’s final results
Par 72
Chance Taylor 70-70-70β€”210
Clint Lowe 69-69-73β€”211
Ryan Terry 69-72-70β€”211
Tyler Lane 69-75-67β€”211
Lawrence Largent 71-72-70β€”213
Gibson Miller 71-73-69β€”213
Joe Brooks 67-77-69β€”213
Bryan Sangid 69-76-70β€”215
Lucas Armstrong 73-73-70β€”216
Jackson Skeen 72-75-69β€”216
Cody Carlson 71-72-73β€”216
Nick Cohen 75-71-71β€”217
Chip Spratlin 73-72-73β€”218
Lucas Tabor 73-72-73β€”218
Cayman Ratliff 75-73-70β€”218
Jeff Scott 71-74-74β€”219
Tanner Davis 73-76-71β€”220
Tory Davis 76-73-71β€”220
Ethan Burger 73-74-74β€”221
Chad Homan 68-75-78β€”221
Cameron Dugger 73-73-75β€”221
Blake Howard 79-70-73β€”222
Bryson Morrell 74-75-74β€”223
Bryce Reed 77-72-74β€”223
Nick York 70-75-79β€”224
Brandon Mathis 74-74-76β€”224
Wesley Jones 77-73-75β€”225
Wes Hall 74-76-77β€”227
Chris Guy 75-70-82β€”227
Joe Culpepper 78-72-81β€”231
Jacob Davis 73-74-WD
β€” β€” β€”
Rick Mays 70-70-69β€”209
Cary Daniels 70-73-69β€”212
Bryan Rodgers 74-71-72β€”217
Mike Wood 73-74-73β€”220
Randy Miller 70-76-75–221
Tim Moore 74-73-74β€”221
Tony Gouge 75-75-72β€”222
Lyman Fulton 73-77-74β€”224
David Greer 79-71-75β€”225
Mike Poe 74-76-75β€”225
Mark Atkins 75-78-72β€”225
Mark Halvorsen 77-80-68-225
Bill Hardin 75-75-77β€”227
Jeff Andrews 79-79-71β€”229
James Fender 82-75-74β€”231
Dwight Scott 78-77-76β€”231
Ron Waters 72-77-82β€”231
Dave Bellessa 77-79-76β€”232
Jeff Isaacs 81-74-78β€”233
Stefan Salyer 75-82-79β€”236
Mitch Nidiffer 80-76-80β€”236
Ronnie Breeden 79-80-79β€”238
Brad Rinella 77-85-76β€”238
Charlie Smith 88-77-81β€”246
David Croston 85-85-79β€”249
Danny Jones 81-84-86β€”251
Dan Buchannan 98-91-94β€”283
Felicia Nidiffer 98-102-101β€”301
Joe Avento 80-78–WD
Marv Orio 84-86–WD
Rick Wilson WD
β€” β€” β€”
Mike Mills 68-75-77β€”220
Bob Ross 76-77-75β€”228
Pat Kenney 79-79-77β€”235
Greg Goulds 79-82-79β€”240
Ronnie Burton 83-81-81β€”245
Scott Campbell 89-80-76β€”245
Ansley Bishop 86-82-80β€”248
Jerry Whitt 84-79-91β€”254
Tommy Scott 92-82-82β€”258
James Love 89-88-83β€”260
β€” β€” β€”
Match Play Flights
Titleist Flight
Championship: Billy Haren def. Stephen Wilson
Consolation: Josh Taylor def. Tommy Tipton; Luke Bateman def. Richard Parker
Callaway Flight
Championship: Zachary Ensor def. Dylan Wyatt
Consolation: Stephen Swecker def. Michael Hawk; Tyler Stoudemire def Eric Hall
Ping Flight
Championship: Caleb Tipton def. Zach McCamey
Consolation: Stephen Stehney def Troy Baker; Cole Greer def Brad Headrick
Championship: Garrett Rader def. Seth Greene
Consolation: Stephen Holmes def. Casey Goetz; Chris Tidwell def. Chad Napier
Mizuno Flight
Championship: Paul Johnson def. Ian Herrin
Consolation: Brian Scott def. James Snyder

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