YADKINVILLE, N.C. (WJHL)- Officials with the Yadkinville Police Department confirmed with News Channel 11 that they were checking on a tip that Evelyn Boswell was spotted at a KFC in Yadkinville, North Carolina within the past few weeks.

According to Commander Randy Dimmett at the Yadkinville Police Department, the tip came in Thursday morning that Evelyn was spotted with her grandmother, Angela Boswell, and Boswell’s boyfriend, William McCloud, two to three weeks ago at the KFC.

The tip came in from an employee, according to police.

Police confirmed that they were reviewing security footage and interviewing employees.

The KFC is located on South State Street in Yadkinville, North Carolina.

TBI Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart said in an e-mail Thursday afternoon that, “Surveillance video has been reviewed almost daily at a variety of locations during the last week. We did receive a tip pertaining to a possible sighting at a restaurant in North Carolina. When we receive a tip that involves another state, we ask authorities in the appropriate jurisdiction for assistance in following up on the information. As always, during an AMBER Alert, if we determine there is a credible sighting we will make the public aware.”

News Channel 11 is working on this developing story and will bring you updates on-air and on WJHL.com.

Anyone with information on Evelyn’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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