What’s next for Megan Boswell in court?

Justice for Evelyn

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- On December 3, Megan Boswell, the mother of a deceased Sullivan County toddler who was the center of a statewide AMBER Alert, is scheduled to appear in court.

“With her being charged with what she currently is, her reactions have been appropriate,” said Boswell’s attorney, Brad Sproles. “That’s a huge charge, charges that she’s facing so I knew she understands the gravity of it.”

On that day, she will learn the punishment the state is seeking against her on 19 charges, including two counts of felony murder in the death of her daughter.

“I’m sure she’s scared and she’s remorseful over her daughter,” Sproles said. “She’s done an admirable job of holding it together and being able to talk about the case rather than break down.”

The options: life in prison, life without parole or the death penalty.

“She evaluates things, she thinks them through. She interacts with me to take a look at the legal issues in her case,” Sproles said. “I don’t see any signs of trauma or anything like that.”

All documents for the case, including the evidence, are sealed, even to Sproles.

“We don’t know how Evelyn was found. We don’t know what the police found. All we know is that she was found,” said Sproles.

Sproles says he agreed with sealing case documents because of the interest and intense media coverage, which is why he also wants this trial to be held elsewhere.

“I expect the judge will have us jump through some hoops and see whether or not there’s a possibility of having an impartial jury here in Sullivan County,” he said.

He also filed a motion for a bill of particulars. “In discussions with the state, my questions may be answered once we have all of the information from them, so that one may go away,” he said.

Sproles does expect to get access to evidence before the December hearing.

“The [District Attorney] will have us all the discovery before that date. From that point forward is where the real work begins, because we’ll be on a level playing field with the [District Attorney’s] office and we’ll know the information that they know,” Sproles said.

Megan Boswell’s attorney describes her as “an intelligent young lady who understands and is involved with her case.”

“She asks questions sometimes [about] things I haven’t thought of. She’s evaluating the case properly,” said Sproles.

Megan’s charges include:

— Two counts of felony murder
— One count of aggravated child abuse
— One count of aggravated child neglect
— One count of tampering with evidence
— One count of abuse of corpse
— One count of failure to report a death under suspicious, unusual, or unnatural circumstances
— 12 counts of false reports

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