BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- Megan Boswell appeared in criminal court three days after human remains believed to be her fifteen-month-old daughter were found. Testimony from a TBI Agent during the hearing provided new information on the Evelyn Boswell case. The court hearing also increased Megan’s bond from $25,000 to $150,000.

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Megan Boswell enters court 03/09/20

Megan Boswell has been held in the Sullivan County jail since February 25th on a false reporting charge. Investigators are still awaiting the results of an autopsy to officially identify the remains found on property belonging to a family member of Megan. But Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus believed it was right to add her to the docket in Blountville court Monday morning.

“We thought it was appropriate under the circumstances to file a motion to increase bond and to have a hearing as soon possible,” said Staubus.

During the hearing, TBI agent Brian Fraley shared testimony on the discovery of a child’s body Friday night on property belonging to a family member of Megan Boswell.

“There was a body. Of a child, possibly a year, year and a half old,” Fraley said on the witness stand.

TBI agent Brian Fraley testifies in court 03/09/20

Fraley confirmed the age, size, and characteristics of the body matched the description of Evelyn Boswell.

“What else was found there?” asked Staubus.

“The clothing, with the prior interview of Ms. Boswell, the clothing described in that interview was the exact clothing that was found on this child,” said Fraley.

“What else was found there?” Staubus asked again.

“There was various… various child clothing, diapers, toys. That kind of thing. That would have belonged to the child,” Fraley said.

In an interview following the court proceedings, Staubus affirmed Fraley’s testimony.

“Clothing was found. It was consistent, matched the clothing that the defendant said the child was wearing,” Staubus said.

Another key moment came when Judge James Goodwin asked Fraley about statements Megan made during interviews with investigators.

“Did Ms. Boswell make any inculpatory statements with regard to the death of Evelyn Boswell?” asked Goodwin.

“Did you say culpatory or…?” Fraley asked.

“Inculpatory,” Goodwin said.

“Yes,” Fraley answered.

Inculpatory statements are legally defined as incriminating or placing guilt or responsibility.

When asked further about the inculpatory statements question, Staubus told News Channel 11 he could not elaborate further beyond what was actually said in court.

“The judge asked if there was any inculpatory information that Agent Fraley had obtained during the investigation. He said yes,” Staubus said.

Fraley testified that Megan Boswell made several false statements to investigators. The TBI Agent said this cost resources, man hours, and lost time in the AMBER Alert investigation.

Megan Boswell and attorney Brad Sproles

Brad Sproles, Megan’s court-appointed attorney, repeated similar arguments from when she appeared in Bristol General Sessions court last Monday. Sproles said she has no prior criminal history or failures to appear in court, and has family ties to Sullivan County.

Fraley said Megan did not have a permanent residence, based on conversations with her.

While testifying, Fraley said that Megan had made an out-of-state trip to Texas in the fall of 2019, and trips had also been made to the Knoxville and Gatlinburg areas.

Fraley said to his knowledge, Megan had made no trips out of the state since the investigation into Evelyn’s disappearance began. 

Ultimately, Megan’s bond was still raised.

“While the court is aware, from the proof today, that Ms. Boswell does not have prior criminal history, does not have history of failing to appear for court appearances, has family ties from the Sullivan County area, the proof also is that she has ties to Virginia and ties to Texas. At least that she’s gone to those two states,” said Goodwin.

Goodwin said he wasn’t as concerned that Megan traveled to Knoxville and Sevier County.

“I am concerned that she has, especially, ties to Texas. The court’s also considered that here in Tennessee, the investigation, Ms. Boswell has made inculpatory statements with regard to the death of the child,” Goodwin said. “Weighing the positive and negative factors, the court’s of the opinion the bond should be increased, and increased to $150,000,” said Goodwin.

Staubus says investigators still have a long way to go.

“This phase of the investigation is in the inception, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done forensically,” he said.

Megan’s next court appearance is set for May 8th. Staubus said he couldn’t yet say if Megan will face additional charges.

“Right now we’re still under investigation. We have one charge pending, and what happens next I can’t go into, the investigation still pending,” he said.

Sproles declined an interview with News Channel 11 on Monday, saying he needed to get more information on statements Megan has given to investigators first.

News Channel 11 also spoke briefly with Megan’s father, Tommy Boswell Sr., over the phone Monday. He said he would not be posting bond for Megan.

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