SCSO: Investigators say they are looking into ‘a person of interest’ in death of Evelyn Boswell

Justice for Evelyn

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says they have identified a person of interest in the death of Evelyn Boswell.

In an interview with News Channel 11’s Kaylyn Kluck on Wednesday, Captain Joey Strickler of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office said “a person of interest” is being investigated in relation to the death of Evelyn Boswell.


The TBI and Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office followed up on over 900 tips before they found Evelyn Boswell’s body on March 6th. As the investigation went on, Strickler said he began to have a gut feeling the search wouldn’t end well.

“I think I knew in my heart and my mind. Evelyn had been taken from us. And that this case was going to change from a missing child, to possibly a homicide investigation,” Strickler said.

Complicating the investigation was Megan Boswell, who remains in the Sullivan County Jail on bond for a false reporting charge. She’s scheduled to appear in Sullivan County Circuit Court on May 8th.

“We were immediately getting deception and lies from the mother of Evelyn. We were writing down everything she said. We had to,” said Strickler.

Strickler said tips to Evelyn’s whereabouts were coming in from around the United States. Investigators pulled security footage from multiple stores, trying to find video of Evelyn with Megan or another relative.

“I don’t have any reason to believe she was ever in Virginia or North Carolina,” Strickler said.

When asked if Evelyn was ever seen in any of the security footage tapes pulled, Strickler said no.

Evelyn’s body was found in a shed on property belonging to the Boswell family. Strickler says no one ever called in and told them to search the location on Muddy Creek Road in Blountville. Instead, it came down to the follow-up work of investigators.

“They were following up on some things,” he said. “Which led them back to that location. And then while they were there, they were just, you know, they were talking and discussing things. And that led to the actual searching. In certain areas.”


Strickler said the investigation into Evelyn’s death is still ongoing. He said the COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed the process.

“I can say this. We will never, ever, forget Evelyn Boswell. Ever,” Strickler said.

But investigators are waiting on the autopsy results, plus forensic evidence and lab results. Strickler says this could still take over a month. He said lots of work needs to be done before they’ll be ready to make any type of indictment in the case, and it’s impossible to say right now when that could happen.

While her body was found on March 6th, Strickler does not know when exactly Evelyn Boswell died.

“We’ll know more when the autopsy results come back,” he said.

Strickler also isn’t able to give any more specific details on the body found inside a shed on property of the Boswell family.

“That will all be a part of the findings, as far as our presentation to potential criminal prosecution,” he said.

He says investigators haven’t spoken with Megan since Evelyn’s body was located. He said Megan now has an attorney.

Brad Sproles was appointed as Megan’s attorney in March.

Strickler said investigators have also not interviewed any members of Megan’s family since Evelyn’s body was found. But the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is still following up on any leads they receive.

“Any type of lead that may still continue to come in, we send investigators out on it,” he said.

Strickler said investigators have weekly meetings with the District Attorney’s Office, which will carry out the legal end of the case. He calls their investigative process ‘slow’ and ‘methodical,’ because they can’t afford to make mistakes.

“What we have seen, and what we’ve been through, and the fight that we’ve had, which has been overwhelming, frustrating,” Strickler said. “There’s so many things that’s went on in this case that the general public doesn’t see. We all want justice for Evelyn. We all want that.”


SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says they have identified a person of interest in the death of Evelyn Boswell.

On Wednesday, Captain Joey Strickler of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office told News Channel 11 that “a person of interest” is being investigated in relation to the death of Evelyn Boswell.

No name or identity was given by Strickler.

According to Strickler, no one called the sheriff’s office on March 6 to lead them to the specific place on Muddy Creek Road where Evelyn’s remains were found.

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Strickler told News Channel 11 they were following up on a previous lead and began searching the area when they found Evelyn’s remains in the shed.

Investigators with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office told News Channel 11 on Wednesday that they are still waiting for the full results from the autopsy of Evelyn Boswell.

Strickler said investigators continue to follow all leads regarding the case.

Investigators say they have not interviewed Evelyn’s mother, Megan Boswell, since the remains of Evelyn were found.

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Megan has retained an attorney, according to the sheriff’s office.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, Megan remains in the Sullivan County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed down the investigation, according to Strickler. He said the sheriff’s office is actually glad the investigation is going slowly, because they want to be sure they do not make a mistake.

“We will never ever forget Evelyn Boswell,” Strickler said.

Strickler said investigators do not believe Evelyn was ever in Virginia or North Carolina.

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Captain Strickler told News Channel 11 that there is a lot of evidence to still go through when the time comes.

At least 2-3 detectives from the sheriff’s office are continuing to work the case, with 1-2 detectives from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also aiding them, according to Strickler.

Investigators say the received over 900 AMBER Alert tips over the course of the investigation, some even coming from as far as New Mexico. Strickler said they followed up on every single one.

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