SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)- The case for the State of Tennessee vs. Megan Boswell began to play out in Blountville criminal court on Monday.

News Channel 11 obtained new court records on Tuesday, along with a copy of a judge’s order directing some records related to the Megan Boswell case to be sealed. Judge James Goodwin signed off on the motion, which was filed Monday afternoon. Under the seal, there is no available information about what the documents are, or what information they may contain. The amount of sealed records is also unclear.

A copy of the judge’s order

Investigation continues after human remains believed to be missing Sullivan County toddler Evelyn Boswell were found Friday night. Results of an official autopsy have yet to be released in order to officially identify the child’s body that was found.

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Megan Boswell’s bond was increased from $25,000 to $150,000 on Monday for her false reporting charge. During the hearing, TBI Agent Brian Fraley gave witness testimony.

“Have you come to the conclusion that false statements were made by Ms. Boswell?” asked Judge James Goodwin.

“Yes sir, several,” Fraley said.

Documents filed by Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus label Megan as “a flight risk”.

The motion to increase Megan’s bond also says investigators found a child’s body in an “out-building” on “out-property” of the Boswell family on March 6th.

Megan Boswell in court 03/09/20

Brad Sproles, Megan’s court-appointed attorney, argued against the bond increase. In his written response to the bond increase motion, Sproles said statements on developments in the Evelyn Boswell disappearance investigation “are not relevant” to her bond for the false reporting charge.

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Sproles wrote, “The State seeks to have the Court increase her bond based upon the anticipation of possible future charges.”

Megan Boswell, Brad Sproles, and Barry Staubus in court Monday

On Tuesday, Sproles declined an on-camera interview with News Channel 11, saying he’s waiting to get more information on statements Megan gave investigators.

Sproles has begun watching what he believes to be around 20 hours of video of investigators interviewing Megan Boswell. So far he’s only watched what he thinks was her initial interview – where she gave the false statements that led to her current charge.

Sproles said he’s especially interested in the interview where Megan gave investigators “inculpatory” statements. ‘Inculpatory’ is a a legal term that can mean ‘incriminating’ statements. The inculpatory statements were a concern of Judge James Goodwin during Megan’s court appearance.

“Ms. Boswell has made inculpatory statements with regard to the death of the child,” Goodwin said on Monday.

News Channel 11 also reached out to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office for updates on the Evelyn Boswell investigation on Tuesday. Captain Andy Seabolt said in an email:

“Since the investigation remains active, we are unable to discuss specifics relating to it at this time.”

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