YADKINVILLE, N.C. (WJHL)- Thursday night, News Channel 11 traveled to Yadkinville, North Carolina to speak with a KFC employee that reported a possible sighting of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell to authorities.

According to Ashley Hutchens, she was working at the front counter at the KFC in town when three people came in: a man, woman, and young girl.

It wasn’t until Hutchens saw William McCloud’s face on social media this week that she remembered him as a customer.

“Well, I first recognized the boyfriend. I have tattoos, so I look at everybody’s tattoos and face features and stuff,” Hutchens said. “I’m really good at remembering people’s faces. I remember the tattoo on his neck, it was like words or something and then I remember the cross on his face. And I think he had one more tattoo over his eyes. I don’t remember what it said though. and just his beard and stuff. So when I seen the picture pop up on my Facebook, that was either look for him or he got arrested or something, I was like, oh my God, they came into KFC. That’s when I seen that little girl and recognized her too, as the little girl that was with them.”

Pictured: Ashley Hutchens

Officials with Yadkinville PD confirmed with News Channel 11 Thursday afternoon they were investigating a tip that came from this KFC.

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News Channel 11’s Anslee Daniel asked Hutchens when she turned in this tip.

“Well, I called TBI on Tuesday and told them about it and everything like that. and they got all my information and stuff, they… I guess they called my general manager and talked to him, as well, about, you know, coming, sit down, watching the film, and stuff. But I reported it Tuesday. And they reported it, I guess, to Yadkin County, today,” Hutchens said.

Hutchens told Anslee she specifically remembers approaching the table and giving the little girl applesauce, “…they paid, went and sat down, and I brought their meal out to them, and went back and asked my manager if I could give her applesauce because I do that for every kid that comes in…I can’t remember what shirt she had on, and it was like black leggings. She had one shoe on and one shoe off. Shoes was um, white and pink. that was basically it. Just a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and blonde hair as you could tell” Hutchens said.

Photo: WJHL