TRI-CITIES, Tenn. (WJHL) – Court records show police caught Angela Boswell driving with an unrestrained child twice in four months and multiple aggravated assault charges against her boyfriend, William McCloud.

The pair were arrested in Wilkes County last week in connection with the disappearance of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell, who remains missing.

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Boswell and McCloud were arrested in Wilkes County Friday for possession of stolen property. The pair were found with the 2007 BMW that was reported stolen from Sullivan County, and the vehicle that Sullivan County officers noted as a “vehicle of interest” early in the search for Evelyn Boswell.

Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said Megan Boswell, Evelyn’s mother, was purchasing the car for her mother, Angela Boswell, but the vehicle’s owner hadn’t received payment.

Boyfriend: Two domestic assault charges in 15 months

William McCloud, Boswell’s boyfriend, was arrested for aggravated assault twice, according to court records.

William McCloud

An affidavit dated July 2018 said McCloud’s girlfriend at the time reported to police that during an argument with McCloud, he tried to break her arm and choked her until she lost her vision.

According to the document, he grabbed her by the hair, slammed her head into the ground and punched her multiple times and bit her ear until it bled.

In a second incident, the same woman told officers in October 2019 that McCloud punched her in the jaw and broke one of her teeth in an argument, according to court records. She told officers in a written statement that he punched her in the face multiple times, blackened both of her eyes and punched her in the stomach.

Boswell: Traffic, theft and drug charges

According to court documents, a Kingsport Police Department officer pulled Boswell over in July 2018 after noting an unrestrained four-year-old child in the front seat.

Boswell was charged with violation of child restraint law, driving on a suspended license, expired registration and failure to comply with financial responsibility. She was later convicted on the seatbelt violation along with the insurance and suspended license charges.

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Angela Boswell

A November 2018 affidavit said a caller alerted authorities to a woman driving around Taco Bell on North Eastman Road with an unrestrained child on her lap. A KPD officer located the described vehicle parked in front of a convenience store with Boswell and the child inside, but the child wasn’t on Boswell’s lap.

According to the affidavit, Boswell told the officer that the child was in her lap at Taco Bell, but said she buckles the child up when driving on the road.

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The Kingsport officer discovered that Boswell had a warrant for failure to appear in Scott County, Va. and a warrant in Sullivan County for violation of probation. Officers arrested her as a fugitive from justice out of Scott County and jailed her.

The affidavit says a David Jones took custody of the unnamed child in Boswell’s care at the time.

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When Boswell was being booked at Kingsport City Jail, a corrections officer found a plastic wrapper with two pills in Boswell’s pants. The documents say Boswell tried to hide the pills in her pants and shoes while changing clothes at the jail.

Authorities determined the pills appeared to be Focalin, a schedule II drug and charged Boswell with introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

In April 2019, Boswell crashed into another vehicle on Fort Henry Drive. Officers at the scene found that her license was suspended from the accumulation of points in November 2018. Boswell also told officers that she didn’t have insurance at the time of the crash, according to records.

Officers arrested Boswell for driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance and failure to yield right of way.

In addition to the vehicle and drug charges, Boswell was found guilty of stealing two pastries from Food City’s bakery in November 2018, according to records.