SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Court documents obtained by News Channel 11 reveal more about the state’s motion to increase Megan Boswell’s bond and the response from her attorney.

The state detailed in the motion to increase bond that a child’s body was found on the Boswell’s property March 6 “in an out-building…” This is something that was not previously revealed to the public in prior news conferences about the discovery of a child’s body on that very property.

The state identified Megan Boswell as a flight risk and added that she does not have a job or a place to live if she were to post bond. Court documents read in part, “…it is the State’s position that the Defendant is a flight risk. The State is aware that the defendant has made out-of-town trips in proximity to the relevant dates in this investigation. The defendant also has contacts out of state.”

Court documents also read, “The State would aver that the defendant poses a substantial risk of harm to the community if she is released into the community.”

Within this motion, the state also said that the discovery of the child’s body happened after Megan’s bond was initially set on March 2.

In a response to that motion, Megan Boswell’s attorney, Brad Sproles, said in part, “The State seeks to have the Court increase her bond based upon the anticipation of possible future charges. The State’s position is contrary to the purpose of a bond not being used to punish a Defendant, but to insure {sic} their continued appearance on court.”

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