BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – As the trial for the woman charged with murdering her 15-month-old daughter draws nearer, the cogs of the legal system continue to click.

Megan Boswell’s defense attorney Thursday met with the district attorney as well as the judge in the case to discuss the agenda for her court appearance on Monday.

“On Monday, after consulting with the district attorney and judge in the case, we’ve determined that we are only going to hear a motion to continue the trial. It’s going to be based on my – the defense’s – need for expert testimony that we have to procure based on evidence that was recently provided to us by the state,” defense attorney Brad Sproles told News Channel 11.

According to District Attorney General Barry Staubus, that will be the only topic of discussion Monday following the several-hour-long meeting Thursday morning.

“On Monday, we – the state doesn’t intend to file any motions or hear any motions, but I expect that we will hear some at a later date. After talking to counsel for the defense, my understanding is they’re going to file a motion to ask to have an expert to review some of the findings from our fingerprint evidence from the TBI,” Staubus said.

The case already has multiple motions on the books. Some have been denied, and others are still pending.

“Other motions are still pending,” Sproles said. “We just made the determination that knowing when we’re going to set, to have the trial, whether it’s going to be this fall or sometime later, we need that information to go forward on the other motions.”

Boswell is currently scheduled to stand trial on September 26, but that date and the venue could possibly change.

“We filed the routine motions in that we’ve asked for what’s called reciprocal discovery,” Staubus said. “The defense asked for information from us. We ask them to reciprocate, provide whatever state law provides that they have to and we will. We filed a motion regarding the introduction of photographs at trial that will be heard at a later date. And those are the outstanding motions we have, and we also have the motion to change by the defense to change venue of renown. That hasn’t been heard, that’s premature, he’ll wait closer to trial to have that motion heard.”

Boswell remains in Sullivan County Jail after the court denied a motion filed by the defense to lower her bond, which is set at $1 million.

She will appear in Sullivan County General Sessions Court Monday at 9 a.m.