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Which ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ toy is best?

“The Last Kids on Earth” is a series of illustrated novels that has been on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. The novels are targeted to teens and middle school kids, as is the animated streaming Netflix series inspired by the novels. 

In the original story, a foster child named Jack Sullivan finds himself abandoned in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse. Jack bands together with his classmates to fight zombies and monsters while eating junk food and playing video games. 

If you are looking for a unique playset, take a look at the The Last Kids on Earth Treehouse of Awesomeness Playset.

What to know before you buy a ‘Last Kids on Earth’ toy

A mysterious portal from another dimension opened in the sky, raining down monsters and zombies, dooming human civilization. The “last kids on Earth” set out to survive the zombie apocalypse while having fun eating junk food, reading comic books, playing video games and creating weapons. 


Jack Sullivan is an orphan who lives in his foster brother’s treehouse after a zombie attack nearly wipes out the planet. Jack has to be creative and think fast to outwit the monsters and survive.

Quint Baker is Jack’s best friend. Quint is a nerdy boy who loves science and invents gadgets for the team to use to fight the monsters and their evil leader.

June Del Toro was surviving on her own, hoping her parents would come back and rescue her, until she threw in with Jack and his team and learned to have fun during the apocalypse. 

Dirk Savage is a former bully who has come around to the side of the good guys. Dirk saves Jack and Quint and is invited to join their team. Dirk is strong and has no fear of fighting monsters. Dirk has a softer side, too, and enjoys gardening and cooking.

Rover is a furry blue monster that looks like a dog. Although he was once a threat, Rover becomes the team’s mascot after they meet at an abandoned car wash and Rover licks Jack’s hand in a gesture of friendship.

Rezzoch is a supernatural alien. She created dark energy portals that cast monsters and plague-carrying zombies onto Earth. Rezzoch has no body, but she appears as various life forms. Rezzoch wants to take over the earth and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

What to look for in a quality ‘Last Kids on Earth’ toy


The Louisville Slicer: This is Jack’s main weapon. It started out as a baseball bat but was shattered. Jack carved what was left of the bat into a sharp sword. When the bat was struck by interdimensional lightning, it was changed into a magical weapon that can control zombies.

The Cosmic Hand: One of the monsters grabs Jack with a tentacle and Jack hacks it off with the Louisville Slicer. It turns into a powerful magic hand that Jack uses to fight the monsters and zombies that roam the earth.

Wrist Rocket: This is a slingshot-style weapon that Jack uses. It is attached to a wristband and helps Jack fight off zombies and monsters.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Last Kids on Earth’ toy

Most “Last Kids on Earth” toys generally cost $10-$20. Bigger toys with more parts cost $20-$30.

‘The Last Kids on Earth’ toy FAQ

Is Rezzoch more like a man or a woman?

A. In the book series, Rezzoch was more stereotypically “masculine.” In the Netflix adaptation, Rezzoch is more “feminine.”

What’s the best ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ toy to buy?

Top ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ toy 

The Last Kids on Earth Treehouse of Awesomeness Playset

The Last Kids on Earth Treehouse of Awesomeness Playset

What you need to know: Kids help Jack, June, Quint and Dirk defend their tree fortress against zombies and monsters with this 17-piece set.

What you’ll love: The tree fortress is nearly 1 foot tall and can be used with “The Last Kids on Earth” action figures. This playset includes a launcher with disks, a ladder, a bucket and a zipline. Action figures of Jack and two zombies are included in the set.

What you should consider: Hero figure packs are sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ toy for the money

Last Kids on Earth Zombie Pizza Delivery Guy Plush Toy

Last Kids on Earth Zombie Pizza Delivery Guy Plush Toy 

What you need to know: This 9-inch tall, plush pizza guy is made of soft fabric and delivers for Joe’s Pizza.

What you’ll love: Squeeze this zombie’s head and watch one of his eyeballs pop out. His brains ooze out of his skull and slime covers his shirt. 

What you should consider: The bottom of this zombie’s feet are not flat, so he won’t stand up on his own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Last Kids on Earth Battery Operated Zombie Ball

Last Kids on Earth Battery Operated Zombie Ball

What you need to know: This “Last Kids on Earth” toy is a big ball of green zombies, fun for kids ages 6 and up.

What you’ll love: Recreate the epic scene of Jack, Quint and Dirk running from a terrifying and enormous ball of zombies as they try to rescue June. This 1-pound ball is powered by two AA batteries and is motion activated. Shake it or roll it to hear the zombies moan, groan and growl. The ball is also the centerpiece of a passing game that two or more can play.

What you should consider: Never play with this ball near glass or fragile objects, and never submerge it in water.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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