Start Date

  • August 10 “Hawkins County School is asking parents and students to participate in a virtual “Intro to the School Year” that will take place Aug. 4–7. Schools will be providing parents with specific dates and times.”

Mask Requirement?

  • A post on the school district’s website reads, “Of all the phone calls and questions we have received, this tends to be the most frustrating for parents on either side of this topic.  There are those who wish masks to be mandated for all staff and students.  There are those who desire personal choice.  At this point, we will provide masks for all employees and students.  We are encouraging staff in the Yellow phase of operation to wear masks in all common areas.  Student mask wearing remains a personal decision, one that each parent and student will need to make.  We will make it abundantly clear that no matter the personal choice, we will act professionally toward one another and will expect the same of all students.”

Remote Learning Options Available?

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