(WJHL) — People who have lived in the Tri-Cities for a long time know that during the spring months, we go through what many would call “Blooming Winters of Spring.”

The story goes that when certain trees and bushes bloom in the Spring, they usually coincide with a cool snap.

We are now moving from “Redbud Winter” into “Dogwood Winter” this weekend. Notice that the redbud trees were all in full bloom last weekend with chilly temperatures, especially during the night.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Reynolds took this photo of a redbud in bloom outside of NewsChannel 11 about a week ago.

Photo: Mark Reynolds

Now that we have had record heat, 83 degrees Tuesday and 85 degrees Wednesday, the dogwood trees are all coming out in full bloom.

Here are a few photos Mark Reynolds took of his dogwood trees blooming Wednesday.

Photo: Mark Reynolds

Photo: Mark Reynolds

It will be cool Friday with high temperatures in the 50’s with rain.

Temperatures will stay cool this weekend with highs possible in the 50’s Saturday with rain and middle to upper 60’s Easter Sunday with sunny skies.

We still have the opportunity for a few more cold snaps as we will see “Blackberry Winter” when the blackberries bloom, “Locust Winter” when the locust trees bloom, and, according to some, “Snowball Winter” when the snowball or hydrangea bushes bloom.

All these little winters come with a particular tree or plant bloom this Spring.