WYTHE COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) — A new location to catch stocked trout in Southwest Virginia will soon be on the map.

According to a release from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR), the pond at Wytheville Community College is being added to the Commonwealth’s stocked trout program.

This body of water will be categorized as a Class B trout water beginning in October and will see five stockings during the 2023-24 season, the release said.

Due to the pond being added to the program late in this year’s stocking season, officials say the pond will only receive three stockings between now and the end of June.

Along with the standard fishing license required for all anglers, the public will also need a trout license to fish the pond between Oct. 1 and June 15. Anglers are limited to the use of one rod during this period, the release said.

The Virginia DWR reminds the public to respect landowners and their property in order to help ensure continued stream access, which they said is essential to the continuation of the stocked trout program.

More information on Virginia’s trout stocking program can be found on Virginia DWR’s website.