JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – As the weather warms up, many people in the region took advantage of the sunshine this week by enjoying outdoor activities.

On the Trails

The Tweetsie Trail, which connects Johnson City to Elizabethton, saw many travelers walking, running and biking this weekend.

“We are just so, so excited for the beautiful weather,” said Sienna Brown, who was walking on the Tweetsie Trail. “It has been so up and down, you know, living in Tennessee. So, we’re just really excited to get out here, get some fresh air, and hopefully our allergies will stay at bay. The pollen is a little crazy. But it’s definitely, definitely worth it.”

Brown comes to the Tweetsie Trail regularly and says she’ll be staying longer this time around.

“This is going to be our longest walk of the season so far because it’s been way too chilly,” she said.

The Hutto family also comes to the Tweetsie Trail regularly, even during the colder months.

Hutto family; Photo: WJHL

“Rain, sleet, snow, anything,” said Cade Hutto, who was biking on the Tweetsie Trail with his family. “It’s actually really pretty out here, even when it is covered in snow and ice. And all through here, even right at the entrance is beautiful. What do you like to see when it’s snowy and icy?” he asked his daughter.

“Ice crystals,” answered his daughter, Isla Hutto.

“Yeah, it’s pretty,” Cade Hutto added. “And they typically maintain the trails pretty well, so we come out regardless.”

With most of the cold weather behind us, they’re excited for the warmer temperatures as well.

“I’m happy that it’s about to be summertime and we’re gonna get some warm weather,” said Cade Hutto.

“Yeah, I’m happy that it feels great out here. We can get out with our short sleeves, without jackets and run around,” said Allison Hutto.

On the Water

As temperatures continue to rise, expect to see more people on the local lakes. Winged Deer Park and Boone Lake had visitors enjoying outdoor activities this weekend.

Cale and Lane Arnett are sister and brother and were fishing with their family on the Winged Deer Park Boardwalk.

 “Warm weather means probably a lot of fish,” said Cale Arnett. “So, hopefully that will be a lot, because I haven’t caught anything yet. So, hopefully, it starts warming up.”

They encourage others to come out to the lake and fish.

“I would just come out here and stay with your family; have fun with them while you can,” said Cale Arnett.

“I would come out here and have fun and catch a lot of fish,” added Lane Arnett.

Brown, along with the Hutto family, all encourage people to enjoy the warmer weather by spending time on the trails and at the lakes and rivers.

“Even if you haven’t gone out for a walk in a little while, just a little bit is a great way to start,” said Brown. “You don’t have to start the trail and then go all the way to the end. Just getting out here, even just a little bit, get that exercise in, get your steps in. You’ll feel a lot better once you start again.”

“Just get started,” said Allison Hutto. “Just take a little walk. You’ll see that you just want to keep going because it’s just beautiful out there.”

“Start small and work your way up,” added Cade Hutto.