GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Democratic candidate for Tennessee’s open U.S. Senate seat displayed her fearlessness by jumping out of an airplane in Northeast Tennessee.

Marquita Bradshaw went skydiving at the Greeneville Airport on Tuesday, calling the ‘leap of faith’ reflective of her grassroots campaign.

“I’m working hard, with all of you, to become your next United States Senator,” the candidate introduced herself before the dive.

Marquita Bradshaw

With few big donors or major endorsements at the time, some considered Bradshaw’s win in the Democratic primary a shock. But now her campaign for the general election is traveling through Tennessee’s 95 counties. A drop from 11,000 feet in the air into Greene County didn’t seem to worry her.

“I’ve been saying my prayers, I’m good,” Bradshaw said.

Video captured by JumpTN shows Bradshaw’s leap

Campaigning as a working-class mother from Memphis, Bradshaw says she’s different from establishment politicians.

“I’m not a rich white man. And so I don’t use the same tools that rich white men use. I know people. I work with hard-working families all across this state,” she said.

Bradshaw’s platform includes Medicare for all, support for the Green New Deal, universal background checks for gun owners, increased spending on public education, the legalization of recreational marijuana, and a $15 per hour minimum wage.

When asked how she’d like the Supreme Court seat vacated by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be filled, Bradshaw said she believes the next president should choose the nominee.

“This is a warning to Mitch McConnell. Let me tell you, if you proceed with this process, we will install a new Democratic U.S. Senate come January 3rd, 2021,” she said.

Bradshaw lands

Bradshaw landed safely on the ground shortly after 1 p.m. Speaking afterwards, she promised to fight for rural voters living in areas like the one she just flew over.

“Right now, working families across Tennessee, they want a voice and they need a voice. And Marquita Bradshaw is their voice. We’re about to make history together,” she said.

Bradshaw says she hopes the dive will “encourage voters to take a leap of faith with her.”

Bradshaw is a candidate for retiring U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander’s seat. She is running against Republican candidate Bill Hagerty in the November 3rd election.