ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Two people have submitted petitions so far to run for Carter County assessor of property: state Rep. John Holsclaw and Shane Simerly, who currently works for the property assessor’s office.

Holsclaw says he is looking for a change after representing Carter County for almost 10 years as a state representative. Holding a county position would give him more time with his family.

John Holsclaw wants to continue to serve the community but also have more time to spend with his family. (Photo: John Holsclaw).

He also said this last legislative year in Nashville helped seal the deal.

“When you have to go to the Capitol and you have to worry about getting shot, when you’ve got the crazies on both sides, the right and the left,” Holsclaw said. “It is getting a little bit crazy and that made my decision a little easier.”

Holsclaw believes his work with the state comptroller would help him if elected property assessor. He said his father served in the same position for 27 years.

“The opportunity and the experience is invaluable in Nashville,” Holsclaw said. “And I love the people of Carter County and let me be their voice.”

If Holsclaw is not elected assessor of property, he said he would consider running for another term as state representative.

Shane Simerly believes his experience will make him a good candidate. (Photo: Shane Simerly).

Simerly works under the current assessor of property and has more than 11 years of experience.

“It is a very important office,” Simerly said. “It’s not an office that you come in off the street and start doing. It takes years and years of extensive training.”

While working in the property assessor’s office, Simerly said he has gained experience from groundwork, to deeds, to mapping.

“I could hit the ground running, no extensive training, and I know how to get the job done or I wouldn’t be running for it,” Simerly said.

The Carter County Election Commission has had four total people pick up applications for the assessor of property position, with two returned. Dec. 5 is the last day for interested candidates to qualify and Dec. 12 is the deadline to withdraw.

The primary election will take place March 5 and the general election on Aug. 1.