News Channel 11 distributed questionnaires to all congressional and state candidates who will appear on ballots in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia in the November election.

Below is the response we received from Joel Goodman, who is running for the Tennessee House District 6 seat.

Early voting in Tennessee runs from Oct. 19 to Nov. 3. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Biographical information

Name: Joel Goodman

Office running for (including district): Tennessee House, 6th District


Age on election day: 77

Town/city: Johnson City

Party affiliation (if applicable): Independent.

Education: 2 1/2 years college, focus on political science; current undergraduate at ETSU, focus on computer science. Much independent research and study for my businesses and writing. Much independent study on a large variety of subjects – generally curious. Had the good fortune to study with several masters, and learned much about different aspects of life. Black belt in Shotokan karate.

Job history: Extremely varied. Hotel manager, professional actor, fashion and commercial model, retail store owner, clothing manufacturer, building remodeling.

Political, community, or other relevant experience: Former member of the Johnson City Development Authority; one-time chair of the Libertarian Party, Dade County, Florida; 35 years as an NRA firearms safety instructor and holder of a federal firearms license. Political writer.

Family (married? children?): No, No

Candidacy questions

Why are you running for this office?

The individual liberty of Tennessee citizens is at risk because of existing laws and the stated policies of both the Democrat and Republican parties. Specifically, legislation that I proposed be enacted to allow for Local Militia Organizations was ignored by current representative Tim Hicks, and therefore I felt it incumbent upon myself to run and propose the legislation on my own. Secondarily, now that the abortion issue has been thrown back to the states, I feel that my concern for individual liberty leads me to support a woman’s right to choose.

What makes you qualified to hold this office?

I am educated in and dedicated to the underlying principles that brought about the United States Constitution, and I am well informed about what we as Tennesseans need to do to preserve those liberties that we still have and take back those liberties that we have lost. I am a political writer and have studied local, national and international situations that affect us here in the 6th District. As an individual I saved several buildings from demolition in downtown Johnson City, including the Clinchfield railway depot; and as a result of those experiences I encountered and now understand the overarching corruption and short-sightedness of local politicians and officials; that shortsightedness having thwarted a more organically harmonious development of this blessed region.

Why should voters elect or re-elect you over your opponent(s)? What sets you apart from your opponent(s)? (Specify if unopposed)

I am unafraid to openly speak my mind and defend what needs to be defended. I am not a “good ol’ boy” beholden to any single group of businessmen, or out to please any group with benefit-laden reciprocal promises, as my concern is for the welfare, security and liberty of all Tennessee citizens in the 6th House District. I am extremely creative and always able to think “outside of the box” when it comes to solutions to existing problems.

If elected or re-elected, what would be your top two or three priorities during your new term and what is your plan of action for each?

Propose legislation for the allowance of Local Militia Organizations; propose legislation that returns a woman’s right over her own body to make an abortion choice that is respectful of the fetus once it becomes a viable being. Propose legislation that takes a much more firm stance on illegal aliens in Tennessee by excluding them from all state services except for emergency medical care, and return all state outgoing telephone messages to English.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know?

We as Tennesseans and Americans must come to understand and respect the core American concept, which demands that regardless of our individual beliefs, we are not entitled to impose those beliefs, with the force of law, upon other citizens; that includes a belief that military styled weapons are dangerous and don’t belong in the hands of citizens; or, rightly or wrongly, that a fetus be given the status of a birthed baby; or that someone entering the country illegally is entitled to financial help, including: a driver’s license, housing, education, medical care, employment or the registration of a birth that will entitle their offspring to citizenship.

Fun question: What is your favorite thing about Northeast Tennessee?

Clarence’s Restaurant in Erwin and the cold water of Laurel Falls on the Appalachian Trail.

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