News Channel 11 distributed questionnaires to all congressional and state candidates who will appear on ballots in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia in the November election.

Below is the response we received from Charles Van Morgan, who is running for Tennessee governor.

Early voting in Tennessee runs from Oct. 19 to Nov. 3. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Biographical information

Name: Charles Van Morgan

Office running for: Governor of Tennessee

Age on election day: 58

Town/city: Knoxville

Party affiliation (if applicable): Independent

Education: J.D Doctor of Jurisprudence, Nashville School of Law 2015; Master Of Arts, University of Tennessee 2001; Bachelor of Science, Business, Tennessee Wesleyan College, 1995.

Job history:

1989 to 2001: Security/law enforcement/police/corrections officer

2001 to 2012: Tennessee Department of Safety, state trooper

2011 to 2015: Law school student

2014 to present: Safe Taxi company, owner-driver

2020 to 2022: Tennessee governor candidate

Political, community, or other relevant experience: Voted in virtually every election since eligible. Successfully protected community at UT police and led highway patrol in removing drunk, drugged drivers safely from Tennessee roadways. Successful business owner, newspaper delivery at 11 years old, presently business owner.

Family (married? children?): Three successful adult children. One daughter and two sons.

Candidacy questions

Why are you running for this office?

To give the government back to the people of Tennessee. Follow their will.

What makes you qualified to hold this office?

I’m the son of a widow with no brothers from South Knoxville. I’ve learned how to fight bullies out of necessity all my life and I can successfully fight the crooked people in Tennessee government power now and benefit Tennesseans. I’ve risked my life, successfully dedicated myself to public service, standing out doing a better job than 900 Troopers in very important life-saving drunk driving arrests. I’m the best, most qualified, and highest educated in what’s necessary to run state government on the ballot, to say the least, than any other candidate. My life experiences qualify me to benefit Tennesseans.

Why should voters elect or re-elect you over your opponent(s)? What sets you apart from your opponent(s)? (Specify if unopposed)

My life experiences and preparedness ahead of time. NO other candidate comes close. Numbers don’t lie, and degrees don’t lie. Putting my life on the line for Tennessee. I know from personal experience how crooked the people in Tennessee government are. While I was out on the road in harm’s way fighting for the safety of all Tennesseans, the THP lied in court and allowed hundreds more people to get killed on Tennessee roadways.

If elected or re-elected, what would be your top two or three priorities during your new term and what is your plan of action for each?

Give the government back to the people of Tennessee. Hold weekly meetings in different cities to listen to Tennesseans. Educate them on what their government is doing. Go back to Nashville, follow their will, not the self-serving will of those in power now. End the public corruption of people who wield government power wrongly against the people of Tennessee. Institute a special prosecutor’s office to investigate and prosecute those in government who violate the public trust, including Tennessee judges and politicians and ensure Tennesseans’ protection against those in power in the state government.

Provide access to better and more health care. Accept the federal money available. Subsidize free welfare healthcare charities. Decriminalize marijuana and use tax base for a health care infrastructure for all.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know?

My life work has been providing public safety to Tennesseans. I led the THP in life-saving drunk driving arrests because I care about you. I would like to expand on that excellence and serve you in the Tennessee governor’s office.

What is your favorite thing about Tennessee?

I love the people. For over the past two years I’ve personally got the privilege of meeting many Tennesseans. I’ve got to listen to their stories and had fun talking with them about giving them their government back away from the few who don’t serve them.

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