JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- As midterms are quickly approaching, Republicans are hoping to take back control.

Current Republican Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger is one of them. She’s running against Democrat Cameron Parsons to keep the First Congressional District seat in the house.

Independents Richard Baker and Matt Makrom are also on the ballot.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy is heading up a four-part initiative called “Commitment to America.”

“A nation that is safe, it’s an economy that is strong,” Harshbarger said. “It’s a future for the freedoms that we hold dear and its government accountability, basically four points that we want every American to know that we stand for. All three chambers in government [are] democratically held. So we went out and we listened to the people that we serve.”

Inflation is expected to be at the top of mind when people hit the polls on Nov. 8.

“What they want is they want us to tackle inflation, and that makes a strong economy,” she said. “And there are so many factors that go into that. You can see where we’re at right now. We’re on the verge of a recession.”

Another point to the plan is ‘A Nation That’s Safe.’ Harshbarger said key issues include the United States-Mexico border and the spread of fentanyl.

“That means secure the borders, fight crime, if you look at what this government right now has done to disable and defund the police, it’s unconscionable,” she said. “And the hordes of people that have come over our border illegally and brought illicit drugs. It’s just a gateway for fentanyl… the destruction and the overdose. This is the highest number of overdoses in this nation ever- 105,000. And it’s going to increase because fentanyl is readily available in anything that people purchase.”

The current political minority is hoping to pave a pathway for a future of what their party calls “freedoms.”

“The freedoms we hold dear- freedom of speech, religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, parental rights for their children and education,” said Harshbarger. “These are freedoms that we have to ensure the American people have their God-given rights.”

The biggest point that Harshbarger plans to focus on if re-elected is oversight and accountability of the government.

“If you have [a] 2,800-page bill, and you have 30 minutes to break that down and look at it, there’s a lot of hidden things, kind of like the Inflation Reduction [Act], that nothing in that act reduces inflation, but there’s a lot in the serious things in there,” she said. “And one thing that concerns me is the fact that the government now has control over the pricing of your medications, and that’s not going to be good.”

Harshbarger is a pharmacist and says she has an interest in healthcare legislation.

“Do you ever want the government in charge of pricing anything?” she asked. “Well, that’s a concern for me as a healthcare professional, because that means we’re going to have fewer choices in helping with rare or ultra-rare diseases. And we’re going to be limited on the drugs that we can use to help patients.”

On Tuesday morning, Harshbarger took to social media to say “November is going to be a rude awakening for three-letter federal agencies. I can’t wait.”

“There needs to be an oversight in every agency. Bureaucratic agencies look at what they’ve determined they’re going to hire. 87,000 new IRS agents. That’s the biggest grab of power in any bureaucratic agency in the history of our country,” she said of her statement. “So when I talk about three-letter agencies, let’s just start with some four-letter agencies, too. There needs to be a restructuring.”

She said some of the agencies need to be “broken down.”

“[Senator James] Lankford (R-Oklahoma) has a bill that says, ‘Okay, agencies, we want to know every department that goes under you and we want to see what your role is,'” Harshbarger said. “There’s going to be redundancies in that, and we want to get rid of that. And plus, they keep putting money into those agencies or departments when they should be sunsetting and they shouldn’t have that money.”

As the “Commitment to America” is a push for Republicans to play into what’s expected to be key issues for voters, other topics like abortion rights will also be on people’s minds.

“The Supreme Court has done its due diligence and [returned the right to have an abortion] to the states. The authority, whether or not the people of that state want abortion or not. And that’s where it should be,” Harshbarger said. “I hear this all the time from young women. ‘They took our constitutional rights away.’ There never was a constitutional right to abortion.”

Another issue making headlines is marijuana legalization. Harshbarger says states are already making their own decision about it.

“Look at what’s happening to come across the border. Anything they want to smuggle, they do. So it’s up to the state to protect its citizens and whether they want to legalize as the people you serve,” she said.

News Channel 11 also asked her about her thoughts on the war in Ukraine.

“Give them humanitarian aid,” Harshbarger said. “We told them before: give them lethal aid before they ever have an incursion. But that is not what the Biden administration did. It was just absolutely the opposite. They waited until they invaded, and then they keep doing, giving money, voting to do this, voting to do that. Since and then lethal aid, they should have done it before, be proactive in a situation like that.”

Harshbarger said she wouldn’t support U.S. military involvement in Ukraine. According to Harshbarger, it is not the place of the U.S. to get involved in the war and pointed to Afghanistan as an example.

Most of her campaign in 2020 was based on former President Donald Trump and his ideologies. While Harshbarger did not say whether or not she wants him to run in the next presidential election, she said she’s sure he will run again if he wants to.

“It will make it very interesting because if you look at the current polling from people, they’re trying to determine who the Republican nominee will be. President Trump is always at the forefront,” she said. “Of course, you hear names like Governor DeSantis. You hear names like Ambassador Nikki Haley. There are several candidates there, and it’ll be a big field, I have no doubt.”

Harshbarger has called the last two years a “witch hunt” of the former president and said subpoenaing him over the January 6 Capitol Riots was pre-determined.

“I don’t know if that will happen or not, but that was the culmination of all these despicable things that they’ve done on a January 6 commission. [It’s] one-sided, and they’ve tried to portray our former president as someone who’s instigated a lot of different things,” she said. “This committee is supposed to be bipartisan, and it is not, even though they had two Republicans on the panel. You know, they rejected the two that Leader McCarthy chose to be on the panel. So the outcome of subpoenaing President Trump was absolutely pre-determined.”

Harshbarger said she is hopeful that Republicans will take back the House and Senate this election season.