Former Roe intern running for Congress supports legalizing marijuana, abolishing gun laws

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KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Nichole Williams says she started campaigning for Congress months before Rep. Phil Roe announced that he would not seek a seventh term as representative of Tennessee’s First Congressional District.

“I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to retire because he’s not a liar,” Williams told News Channel 11’s Josh Smith. “It just seemed to me that no one else was paying attention.”

Williams, a former intern for Roe, is seeking the Republican Party nomination.

“I am a Republican because I lean right on most things, but I call myself a Conservatarian,” Williams said. “I think that RINOs – Republicans in Name Only – have really ruined the Republican party in a lot of ways.”

Rep. Phil Roe and Nichole Williams

The Kingsport-native says she wants to limit the federal government’s powers. Her strong feelings about the Constitution even led to her getting a tattoo on her arm that features a rattlesnake and the words “DONT TREAD ON ME” as depicted on the Gadsen flag.

“I got this tattoo because I’m tired of the government overreach. I’m tired of the not caring about our Constitution, the blatant disrespect for the law, the supreme law of the land,” she said.

Williams supports legalizing marijuana, abolishing all gun laws, and defunding many federal agencies in order to reduce the national debt.

“When your card is maxed out it’s maxed out. When your bank account is empty, you’re not going to eat anything that day,” she said. “So why do they continue to increase our national debt and put it on the backs of the American people? It’s not right.”

Williams says she is starting raising support and campaigning full-time.

“Win or lose, I’m going to do my best,” she said. “And if I don’t win, then at least I didn’t sit at home and complain on Facebook.”

Williams and former Kingsport mayor John Clark are the first two Republicans to launch campaigns for the GOP nomination. Larry Smith and Chris Rowe are seeking the Democratic nomination. Look for Jeff Keeling’s interview with Chris Rowe this Tuesday on

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