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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Wilder Room at the Carnegie Hotel was filled with cheers and laughs in support of President Donald Trump and boos at former Vice President Joe Biden as ETSU’s Conservative Coalition held a presidential debate watch party.

About 30 people came out to eat dinner, mingle and play bingo while watching the first presidential debate.

“We think it’s important that students come together to understand the issues and talk to each other about what’s important for our country because this election cycle is really important. It’s one of the most important elections of my lifetime,” said coalition president Nathaniel Boccarossa. “Even though COVID is a big issue that we need to take seriously we also think that this election is an issue that we need to take seriously and it’s important for students to come together and talk to each other.”

The room was filled with mostly college students who say they wanted to come together with likeminded people to show support for President Trump and learn from each other.

“There’s a big stigma that most young people are radical and just want to change how everything is done but that’s not true. There are many of us who believe that we are doing the right things and have conservative values,” said attendee Cooper Reaves. “It’s going to be very clear after tonight who we need in the White House, who we need portraying America to the rest of the world…who we need working with congressmen, senators and just getting America back on track and keeping America number one.”

Leaders of several  ETSU conservative and Republican groups attended the watch party. They say they plan on having more events in support of President Trump and local Republican candidates in this last month leading up to election day.

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