Congressional candidate Q and A: Democratic nominee Blair Walsingham

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Editor’s Note: News Channel 11 interviewed First Congressional District Democratic nominee Blair Walsingham to give our audience a chance to learn more about her and her policy positions. She sat down with Digital Reporter Jeff Keeling and answered 10 questions that were not provided in advance. Walsingham will face Republican nominee Diana Harshbarger in the Nov. 3 general election.

Blair Walsingham
  • Occupation: Home school parent, farmer
  • Home: Hawkins County
  • Political office previously held: None

The questions:

Unemployment remains very elevated in the first district and around the country. Voters consistently list the economy as their most important issue. If elected how can you best serve First District citizens to help build a strong post-COVID economy and insure access to plentiful good paying jobs?

What’s the best role for Congress to play in K-12 education and in higher education?

What is the best solution at the Congressional level for immigration issues — and what’s your opinion on the impact immigration and immigrants have had in the district over the past decade?

Should Congress take further action with respect to firearms and if so, what type of measures would you support in either direction — tightening or loosening regulations on gun ownership and possession?

You, I and our photographer Andy have lived on this earth for 123 years combined. It’s been 140 years since a Democrat was elected to serve the constituents of the First District. Jimmy Quillen won his first term in 1962 54 percent to 44 percent over Democrat Herbert Silvers and that’s the closest race I could find in 100 years. What’s different this time that would give a Democrat a chance to win?

What are your top policy priorities with respect to climate change and the environment?

Do you believe systemic racism exists, and if so what do you think are the best avenues for the First District Congressperson to lead the district and the nation toward improved race relations and any structural or legislative steps toward overcoming systemic issues?

COVID-19: Right now, how should Congress approach both the economic impacts of that and public health, and going forward when people go to Congress in January how should they look at both the economy and public health as it regards COVID-19 and its impacts on our country?

What is the single most important policy area on which you could focus in order to provide the greatest benefit to the people of the First District and how would you approach that in Congress?

This is moment for you to speak to a voter. What makes you the best person to represent them?

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