JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Patrons of the WWE Wrestling Live Holiday Tour scheduled for Friday (Dec. 4) at Freedom Hall Civic Center are advised of policies and procedures requested by WWE in addition to standard FHCC operations.

Per WWE, the following items are now prohibited at all WWE events:

• Bags and briefcases

• Backpacks

• Women’s purses (small clutch bags are allowed)

• Video cameras or recording devices

• Laser pointers or noise makers

• Weapons of any kind

• Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or paraphernalia

• Selfie sticks

• Laptop computers or tablets

• Coolers

• Luggage of any kind

• Camera bags

• Masks (only WWE brand masks will be permitted)

In addition to routine pat-down searches, all individuals entering the facility will be subject to a scan with a handheld wand. Any items that are allowed into the venue must be carried in a clear plastic bag (maximum size 1 gallon, Ziploc-type clear bag). Clutch bags, clear bags, and any other items that are allowed in the venue will be screened.

Freedom Hall already prohibits items at all events, such as outside food, strollers, alcoholic beverages, cans, coolers, bottles, fireworks, and other items that may be considered dangerous or a weapon. The policy also includes any objects obstructing vision or interfering with the enjoyment of the event and will be addressed on an individual basis. Rules regarding cameras, video or audio equipment are addressed on an event by event basis.

For more information contact the Freedom Hall Box Office at (423)461-4884 during regular business hours.