WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Ed Graybeal’s daughter and son-in-law were both fired from their jobs at the Sheriff’s Office last week.

According to Leighta Laitinen with the WCSO,  Shelly Graybeal and her husband, Scott Johnson, were fired November 20. Graybeal was the timekeeper for the Sheriff’s Office. Johnson was a detention officer.

Laitinen said their termination stemmed from a discussion between Shelly Graybeal and Johnson on their computers at work.   The sheriff’s office said from the conversation it was clear Michelle Graybeal and her husband were using meth, which they referred to as “ice”.

The sheriff’s office said Shelly Graybeal was also pulled over for speeding on November 22.

According to the citation, officers said there was a strong smell of marijuana in Graybeal’s car, and they said they also found pills.   Graybeal was charged with a count of simple possession and casual exchange – a misdemeanor.

According to Laitinen, neither had been in trouble before.
Laitinen told News Channel 11 she was in the room when the Sheriff fired his daughter. Laitinen said, “The Sheriff told her, ‘You are my daughter and I love you, but you can’t work here.’ Then he went around the table hugged and kissed her.”
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