Video obtained by News Channel 11 shows an altercation between NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and a race fan after Saturday’s Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race. 

Busch is the driver of the No. 18 Toyota and was signing autographs after the race.

The video was shot by Makayla Woodby of Bristol. 

The video appears to show Kyle Busch jumping off a golf cart and confronting a man after the race. Busch bumps the man with his chest before the man shoves the driver out of the way. 

A police officer then intervenes, getting between the two before the situation could escalate any further. 

During the scuffle, onlookers heckle Busch, yelling obscenities at the driver. 

It is not clear what provoked the altercation. 

*Warning: Video contains language some may find offensive*

Busch finished 20th in Saturday’s race. 

News Channel 11 has reached out to Kyle Busch’s team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, and Bristol Motor Speedway for comment on the post-race incident. We have yet to hear back.