Washington County, Tennessee school board member owes more than $7,000 in unpaid property taxes


A Washington County, Tennessee school board member currently running for re-election owes the county more than $7,000 in back personal property taxes. Keith Ervin is more than just a Washington County, Tennessee school board member. 

He has also fallen on hard times currently owing thousands of dollars in personal property taxes to the county. 

“You see, this is what I do for a living, and I’ll get caught up one of these days and that’s all i can say milk prices are terrible and I have no extra income,” Keith Ervin said. 

According to documents we obtained from the Washington County Trustee’s office Ervin owes more than $2,000 in unpaid taxes in 2017 for a property he owns on Mayberry Road in Jonesborough.

Documents from the county Clerk and Master reveals Ervin owes nearly $3,000 in taxes for that same property for 2015 he also owes more than $2,700 in paid taxes for that property in 2016, bringing the total in unpaid taxes to Washington County to more than $7,800.

“We had a disease hit our corn silage, and we buried 41 milk cows,” Ervin said. 

Ervin says even though his dairy farm has taken a hit over the last few years, he still intends on paying his taxes.

“I hope to get them paid here within the next few days, I’ve got some steer cow’s to sell so we will pay taxes,” Ervin said. 

The taxes must be paid by the end of the month, if not Ervin will have to pay interest on the money he owes. Ervin says he’s paid by the school system and does pay for insurance. Still he says the money he receives is not enough to supplement his income or pay taxes. 

“I’m going to get them paid that’s all I can say, and people want to vote for me I appreciate their vote and if they don’t, I’m doing the best that I can do.” 

Ervin is one of four candidates vying for the district one school board seat, he says he believes that all of this…the talk about his taxes is politically motived.

The Tennessee Trustee Association is working across the state with law makers to propose legislation that would have business owners have property taxes paid in full before they renew business licenses. 

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