UPDATE: Roanoke Police continue search for Franklin County murder suspect; shelter in place lifted for area around Patrick Henry High School


UPDATE: 5:40 p.m.: The FBI has released an official poster on Michael Alexander Brown along with a full description. You can view/download the flier below.

UPDATE 3:36 P.M.: Roanoke City Police have lifted the shelter in place order for the Grandin Road area near Patrick Henry High School.

“The shelter in place for the Grandin Rd. area near Patrick Henry High School has been lifted but we urge residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Remember to lock your vehicles and homes,” the city of Roanoke’s Facebook page read.

UPDATE 1:41 P.M.: Deborah Caldwell-Bono confirmed to WFXR News that she is the attorney representing Michael Brown. She urges him to turn himself in. She said Brown has people who love him, support him, and want to see him turned in alive.

WFXR News reporter Breana Albizu reports the lockdown has been lifted at St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church on Grandin Avenue, but said she is still advised to not leave the premisis. A helicopter is circling the area.

UPDATE 1:16 P.M.: At a press conference, Roanoke City Police Chief Tim Jones said Michael Brown is still on the lose and his family ties are why he may have come to Roanoke.

Jones said Brown’s grandmother is a resident of Roanoke City not far from where an RV connected to Brown was discovered. Brown’s mother may also live in the Roanoke area.

Police urge caution to anyone who may come into contact with Brown. While he may not be a direct threat to the general public, a confrontation may push him into a corner.

“If he is confronted or pushed into a position where he has no other alternative, he may use force,” Jones said.

An attorney with Brown’s family has urged him to turn himself in and Jones seconded the plea.

“Make arrangements, reach out, turn himself in. If he chooses, we will meet him somewhere,” Jones said.

Multiple agencies including the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the Virginia State Police are assisting in the search for Brown.

Police said he is believed to be armed and dangerous. A former Marine, Jones said Brown has specific military training which could benefit him. He is believed to be on foot and independent of any outside assistance.

Michael Brown (Photo: Courtesy Franklin County Sheriff's Office)
Authorities say Michael Brown was spotted at a Franklin County convenience store on the day of the murder. (Photo: Courtesy Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

UPDATE 12:19 P.M.: A WFXR News crew is on lockdown at Saint Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church on Grandin Avenue Southwest. The location is across the street from Patrick Henry High School and near where an RV believed to be connected to Michael Brown was found.

Reporter Breana Albizu says there are police officers with rifles outside the church and a helicopter is in the area.

A press conference scheduled for noon has been delayed until 1 p.m.

UPDATE 10:44 A.M.: Reporter Ford Carson recaps where things stand in the hunt for Michael Brown. On Twitter, the Virginia State Police said Roanoke Police has asked “the public to stay away from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Grandin Village because of concerns of leaking propane connected to the camper possibly used by Brown.”

UPDATE 9:54 A.M.: The search for Michael Brown continues and the U.S. Marshals Service is offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of Michael Brown. The following poster from the Marshals Service has been circulated by the city of Roanoke:

UPDATE 9:28 A.M.: Reporter Ford Carson is on the scene of the RV which police believe is connected to Franklin County murder suspect Michael Brown.

The RV believed to be connected to Michael Brown. It was located in a parking lot across from the AllSports Cafe in southwest Roanoke. (Photo: Ford Carson/WFXR News)

UPDATE 9:18 A.M.: The Raleigh Court Branch of the Roanoke Public Library is closed because of the search for Michael Brown.

UPDATE 8:54 A.M.: WFXR has obtained video of the scene earlier this morning after police “neutralized” the RV believed to be connected to Michael Brown.

Roanoke Police have called a press conference for 12 p.m. to provide an update on the search for Brown.

The following video is unedited.

UPDATE 8:29 A.M.: The Science Museum of Western Virginia is closed as the search for Michael Brown continues.

“Please remain vigilant today and remember that if you see something, say something,” the museum posted to Facebook. “If you believe you see Michael Alexander Brown you are advised to call 911. Stay safe ❤️”

UPDATE 8:21 A.M.: Roanoke County Police have released a statement on Facebook saying it has no indication that county residents may be in danger as Roanoke City Police search for Michael Brown. He is wanted in connection with the murder of his mother’s boyfriend in Franklin County and is considered armed and dangerous.

“At this time, Roanoke County officials do not have any indication that our residents should have safety concerns about the current situation occurring near Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke City,” the post read. “Roanoke County Police is assisting local, State and Federal law enforcement in the operation. If anyone should have information regarding the situation, please dial 9-1-1 to report it.”

Roanoke City Schools, Roanoke Catholic, and Virginia Western Community College are all closed today after a person believed to be Michael Brown was spotted in Roanoke early Thursday morning. An RV connected to Brown was located near Patrick Henry High School, but Roanoke City Police say the vehicle has now been “neutralized.”

UPDATE 7:45 A.M.: Roanoke City Police are searching for Michael Brown. He is wanted for murder in Franklin County.

According to police, he has been seen in the Roanoke area. He is looking for a vehicle or is on foot. An RV connected to Brown has been “neutralized,” Roanoke Police said.

The light colored object is the RV believed to be connected to Michael Brown. Police said it has been “neutralized.” (Photo: Curt Schruth/WFXR News)

Police said he was last seen in a black waist-length coat. All classes and activities at Roanoke City Schools and Virginia Western Community College have been canceled for the day.

All daycares in the area have been alerted.

Residents in the area are asked to shelter-in-place.

Stay with WFXR News for updates.



ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Roanoke City Police are investigating an ongoing situation near Patrick Henry High School this morning.

They are warning all residents living within half of a mile radius of the 2100 block of Grandin Road Southwest to shelter in place until further notice.

Avoid travel in this immediate area if possible. Please make sure all of your exterior doors are locked.

If anyone in this area sees any suspicious activity or suspicious people, please do not hesitate to call 911 and share what you know. 

This is a developing story. Stay with us for the latest updates.

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