JONESBOROUGH (WJHL-TV) A local group is gaining national attention on the travel channel for their attempt to make the unknown, known.

“We have captured things that would make the hair on your arm stand up,” says Robb Phillips, a proud ghost-hunter for 20 years.

His group “Paranormal Technology in Tennessee,” based in downtown Jonesborough, is giving the world a peek into the other side in an episode of “The Haunting” on the Travel Channel.

A Johnson City investigation landed the local team in the national spotlight.

The episode airing July 1st at 10 p.m. will feature a “haunted cabinet” that the team investigated near Knob Creek. A local woman rid herself of the cabinet after she says it was causing problems.

“She went to her dad and said, ‘if you want this cabinet you can have it.’ ‘It makes noises,’ is all she said. It did more than make noises, it started throwing things out of it,” says Phillips.

That cabinet landed in the home of a man in Johnson City. Phillips says their investigation led them to believe the old piece of furniture was in fact, haunted.

“Whatever was in there was in there and sealed up for a reason. When it was opened up, it had the free mobility to do whatever it wanted,” Phillips says.

After 20 years in the ghost-hunting business, Phillips says he has helped countless people in the Tri-Cities and across the country quiet their homes from what they say are unwanted visitors.

Another team member, Kathy Shephard, is motivated by her life-long experiences.

“I’ve been having paranormal stuff going on since I was little. Living in a haunted house, nobody knew it was haunted but me. I was the one experiencing everything and seeing the ghosts in it,” Shephard says.

At the end of the day the team says it is about giving people the tools to understand what they are seeing, or not seeing, hearing and experiencing.

If the team finds what they are looking for, they then bless the homes, try to remove any haunted or cursed items and say they hope those spirits move along.

Visit Paranormal Technology’s website for more information on local cases.

Episodes of “A Haunting” can be viewed on the Travel Channel website.