(WJHL)- On June 22 severe storms moved through the Tri-Cities region. 

Bulls Gap, Tennessee was just one location that saw a severe storm.

Mike Brooks captured this phenomenon in Bulls Gap that Friday afternoon.

Mike Brooks | Bulls Gap, TN

This quite ominous feature does look like it could be a tornado, but it is actually a microburst!

Mike Brooks | Bulls Gap, TN

A microburst is a core of rain or hail that plummets to the ground. This happens when the updraft of a storm weakens, allowing for any suspended water droplets or hail to fall to the ground all at once.

Animation of a miroburst from the NWS

Microbursts can produce very strong winds at the surface, up to 100 mph in extreme cases. This is why it is important to take severe thunderstorm warnings very seriously.

The National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee reported hail up to the size of half-dollars and ping pong balls near Bulls Gap. Downed trees were also reported in this area.

The hail path estimated by Vipir Radar

If you take severe weather pictures in your area, Storm Team 11 would love to see them! Send your weather pictures at pix@wjhl.com