TAMPA, FL (WFLA) – Fans returning to Tampa from Atlanta area electronic music festival TommorowWorld have stories they will never forget.

“You’re like in the middle of nowhere, you’re like stranded they had people sleeping on pizza boxes on the side of the road and in the mud,” said Alyssa Bryson.

Bryson is one of many fans who had to walk several miles after transportation to the event was shut down when rains turned dirt into mud.

“We had to walk like ten miles. Uber was costing $300 for a ride anywhere. I was extremely pissed because you’re there and you’re thinking about it. All of these people 20,000 people they’re on drugs, they’re on alcohol, they haven’t eaten, they haven’t’ slept in over two days and they’re walking ten miles just to get somewhere,” said Bryson.

Friends Deanna Morgan, Alison Salama and Marina Bravo had a similar debacle.

“On the second day they cut off all transportation services, so they told Uber, taxis everything that they couldn’t pick us up. So that’s why people were sleeping in the forest. I don’t know why they did that, that didn’t help anything,” said Salama.

“I would never go again. No I don’t think they will ever get it together, that was just insane,” said Bravo.

Festival organizers apologized on their website and safety was their first priority. After turning away hundreds for Sunday’s concerts they promised partial refunds.

“They definitely need to refund the whole ticket instead of a third of the ticket,” said Bryson.Copyright 2015 WFLA. All rights reserved.