MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Highway Patrol is looking people who may have fallen victim to odometer fraud.

A Murfreesboro man was arrested last Thursday after THP received calls from two different people that had bought cars from him.

The victims said they purchased cars off Craigslist and THP investigators found the odometers in both cars had been rolled back.

Michael Marks, 30, was charged with criminal simulation, which means he sold something with false pretenses. He was also charged with odometer fraud.

THP said Marks was selling the cars out of his home on NW Boulevard in Murfreesboro. News 2 went to the residence, which also doubles as a business for psychic readings.

It’s difficult to know if an odometer has been rolled back just by looking at it.

If you have the VIN number, you can check the odometer on CarFax, or you can have the car inspected by a local mechanic.

THP is asking anyone who thinks they might have been a victim of odometer fraud, including those out of state, to call 615-251-5185 and report it.