KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- Several of the world’s most renowned Sasquatch researchers have come to Bays Mountain Park for the 3rd annual Tennessee Bigfoot Conference. The event began Friday and lasts through Sunday.

“We’ve got some great speakers, great vendors, and a beautiful place – Bays Mountain Park,” said conference host Dr. John Stamey. “When I first started putting on festivals around Bigfoot, I didn’t know if anyone would come. [But] so many people have stories. They want to share them.”

The conference is held at the Farmstead Museum at Bays Mountain Park

At this year’s conference, the headlining guest is Dr. Igor Burtsev. The renowned researcher hails from Russia.

“He’s one of the leading authors and researchers on Bigfoot in the world,” said Stamey.

Dr. Igor Burtsev

Conference-goers will also have the opportunity to learn how to identify signs of Sasquatches in the woods. They may not have to look far.

Researcher William Henry, another speaker at the event, says Bays Mountain Park is full of evidence showing Bigfoot is near: sticks stuck oddly in the ground, bones on the forest floor, and mysteriously shaped structures made out of tree branches. 

William Henry examines a mysterious branch structure at Bays Mountain Park

“Something like this would be a blind, something that they could lay under and conceal themselves easily,” Henry said while examining a tree branch structure in the woods.

“The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has over 70,000 Bigfoot stories that have been investigated and logged. There have been over 150,000 stories in newspapers in the United States alone,” said Stamey.

Stamey said he often speaks to skeptics about Bigfoot. However, for him and countless others at the conference, the evidence is undeniable.

“I say, ‘Here’s my evidence. What’s yours?’ And there’s usually never a comment,” Stamey said.

The three-day conference is expected to draw hundreds of enthusiasts, witnesses, and researchers to Bays Mountain. 

“Every day, we’re getting closer to that reveal of Sasquatch’s existence, and Bigfoot,” said Henry.