Teams from around the world compete in Arby’s Classic



The 34th edition of the Arby’s Classic kicked off at Viking Hall on Tuesday. The event is expected to attract around 30,000 fans and will last five days.

Teams travel around the country to compete in the tournament and even as far as the Bahamas.

The Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy spent over $15,000 to travel to the event. That’s around $800 a person, as well as multiple days on the road.

“This is like our vacation away from home, so where you guys in the United States look forward to the sun, sand, and sea of the Bahamas, we look forward to the cold and snow of Bristol, Tennessee,” Kevin Clarke, the head basketball coach at Tabernacle Baptist explained.

Teammates weren’t the only ones that made the journey from the Bahamas, the school allowed seven seniors to tag along.

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