Survey: Dog owners happier than cat owners


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Dog owners are apparently twice as happy as cat owners.

That’s according to results from a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, as part of the university’s overall “General Social Survey,” which tracks social changes and trends.

The pet survey determined roughly 6 out of every 10 American households have at least one pet.

And in those households, 36 percent of dog-only owners describe themselves as “very happy,”

Only 18 percent of cat-only owners say they are “very happy.”

Even people who don’t own pets come out ahead of cat owners, with 32 percent of pet-less people saying they are “very happy.”

Before dog owners start feeling even more superior to the cat people, it should be noted the survey only indicates how people are describing themselves — it’s not an objective measure of happiness.

Cat owners just might happen to be the kind of people who don’t like to describe themselves as “very happy.”

Or that “very happy” to a dog owner is simply “happy” to a cat owner.

The survey also shows dog owners are more likely than cat owners to be married and own homes, which are reasons people may describe themselves as happier.

You can read more about the survey here and well as explore the larger General Social Survey here.

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