NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Tennessee State Representative Jeremy Faison spoke about his thoughts on marijuana legalization Friday.

Faison recently co-sponsored bill HB1634 which would have required county election commissions to include questions on the November 2022 ballot to gauge Tennesseans’ feelings related to the legalization of marijuana. In an interview with News Channel 11, Faison said that the bill failed and will not be brought up again this year.

Faison did however share his thoughts on the topic of legalization, emphasizing that his friends in the legislature say that the federal government needs to take action to de-schedule marijuana so that states like Tennessee can begin to lay a framework for legalization.

He called special attention to cities near or along state borders, like Bristol, where state laws may differ. Since the summer of 2021, Virginia has allowed the use of marijuana with some restrictions on age for usage and the amount that can be possessed or grown.

“On one side of the road, in Bristol, you can literally use recreational marijuana. You step two feet the other way, it’s against the law,” Faison said. “That’s going on all across America. That’s asinine.”

Faison concluded the interview by saying that the federal government needs to take action so that there are not more areas around the country like Bristol, where he says on one side of the road “you can smoke a joint, but on the other side, you can’t even use it for medicinal purposes.”