NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A search for a missing dog continues in Nashville after the owners say a thief stole their car and drove all the way from Mansfield, Illinois.

Three states and 48 hours isn’t enough time or distance for the Hannah family when it comes to their beloved dog, Tess.

“We live in a small town of 900, and I would say 95% of everybody in that town knows my dog,” said John Hannah, the dog’s owner. “She’s a very smart dog, and she is one of the family.”

Hannah traveled to Nashville after his wife’s car was stolen from their hometown. He explained Tess “got stolen right in front of our legion. My wife and I do a lot of work there, and she ran in for 15 minutes and came back out and the car was gone, with the dog.”

A man in a neighboring business alerted them about the stolen car. Hours later, Hannah received a call from the family’s insurance agent, telling him their car was found miles away in Nashville.

Metro police told News 2 they responded to a stolen car that crashed into a utility pole on Edmonson Pike. No one was found inside the car. The Hannahs say the car involved was their’s, but what they wanted most was missing.

“I didn’t care about the car, just my dog,” Hannah said. “I knew if he was not found with my dog, I had to come here. She’s worth it.”

Tess is described as a brown goldendoodle, weighing around 45 pounds, who is no stranger to anyone.

“Social butterfly, she thinks everybody is there to see her,” Hannah described.

Hannah plans on staying in Nashville to search for Tess, near where the crash happened. He told News 2, a police report has been filed, and if anyone sees Tess to call Metro police.