Registered Dietitian gives tips and tricks on healthy eating habits


TRI-CITIES (WJHL)- One New Year’s resolution that is common for people to try to commit to is changing their diet and being healthier.

Bobbie Marie Gregg is a registered dietitian from Johnson City.  

As a dietitian, she has worked in a variety of outpatient settings covering almost all disease states and health concerns across our population.

Her passion, however, lies in weight management.

Bobbie Marie is a board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management and proudly serves our nation’s veterans at James H Quillen VA Medical Center through the MOVE! program where she helps veterans improve their health through lifestyle changes.

Greg says an easy way to start is, when eating out at restaurants, check out the menu before you go.

Most restaurants offer online menu options with nutrition facts.

“Maybe you’re a diabetic and you really need to watch your carbs and your sugars. So look for those items that match what you need for your health goals. Or maybe you have high blood pressure. So, look for the different menu items that have lower sodium options for you. So, you can still go out to eat, still meet your health goals, but still be prepared before you go to the restaurant,” said Gregg.

What you eat really goes hand in hand with different health concerns and can sometimes reverse or help manage different diseases.

Gregg says that carrying snack options with you like cheese sticks, fruit, or a protein bar can help you maintain your weight without being tempted to stop for fast food while on the go.

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