LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WJHL) – Even though it’s been a week since flooding devasted eastern Kentucky, the terror of the flood is a memory many will never forget.

“My son hollered, ‘Mom get out, get out now,’ and by the time I walked out it was just going over the porch and everything it almost wiped me out,” said Amy Brock

Brock told News Channel 11 that all of her possessions are gone and now her future is uncertain. “What’s next is praise the Lord that I’m alive and just going to try to restart my life.”

Around 4,000 people make their way through the line at the relief center set up at Letcher County Central High School to receive supplies and donations.

“They’re giving me food, they’re giving me cleaning supplies, they’ve really been nice. I just got 11 inches of water in my home and mud. Everything’s destroyed,” said flood victim Tammy Mauk.

The generosity of others is helping others get by, like that of the school’s athletic director Jim McAuley.

“When you go to your best friend’s house and pulled his mother out of the window with a boat. We were rescuing people on jet skis the first day. People were driving everywhere just trying to help.” McAuley said. “Most people here are generational and I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we’re tough people and we’re going to hang in like a hair on a biscuit baby.”

FEMA is on the ground in the area providing assistance to those in need.