TORNADO, WV (WOWK) — Summer storms brought heavy rain to West Virginia, and some found unique ways to have “waves of fun” in the floodwaters.

Tornado, West Virginia resident Brandy Rogers said Greenbrier Way outside her home became flooded, and her son had the perfect idea to give the neighborhood a good laugh.

Her son, Peyton Rogers, put his pet chicken Shelly on a boogie board and gently sent her down shallow floodwaters in the street. Peyton, a chicken fanatic according to his mother, stood close by as Shelly impressively balanced while boogie boarding down the road.

Neighbor Amber Koerber captured the entire thing on video. When News Channel 11’s sister station 13 News reached out to Koerber, she said Peyton would be overjoyed that his chicken would be covered by the media.

“He loves his chickens & will be so excited!!” Koerber said in a Facebook message.

Peyton’s mom Brandy said the entire family treats their chickens like beloved pets. Luckily for Shelly, she will definitely have many more fun adventures with her caring family.