RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Governor Glenn Youngkin has signed Virginia’s budget into law during an event on the steps of the State Capitol. 

Youngkin struck a bipartisan tone Thursday after months of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over the budget.

“I want us to take a minute, a short minute and acknowledge this moment,” Youngkin said. “This moment of coming together and finding a path forward that meets our goals and our aspirations.” 

The amended budget includes one-time tax rebates and $650 million dollars in additional funding for K-12 education, among other priorities.

Now, Youngkin says he’s turning his attention to next year’s budget, urging lawmakers to work together and speed up the process. 

“I get to deliver it to a General Assembly and we get to lock arms again and have the opportunity to continue to build on the great momentum that we have collectively created over the past 20 months,” said Youngkin. “Members of the House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats, let’s keep going and let’s do it faster.” 

In a statement, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus said, “The final budget is a win for the Virginia families.” Democratic House Minority Leader Don Scott agreed that it is time to look to the future and continue the work to serve Virginia’s residents.

“There is more work to be done and Democrats are going to continue fighting to fully fund our schools and make Virginia an affordable place for families to thrive,” said Scott. “At every turn, we will stop the MAGA Republicans’ plans to give tax handouts to corporations as we did today.”

What is ultimately included in next year’s budget largely depends on which party controls the House and Senate after the November elections.