Virginia woman fights off rabid fox while on jog


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (CNN) – A Virginia jogger is recovering after being attacked by a vicious rabid fox.

“It’s a little bit of a blur exactly what all happened, but I ended up in a position you know where he was coming at me and being aggressive,” said Nina James-houseman, the woman who fought off the rabid fox.

What was trotting towards her was not another jogger.

“It crossed the path and then it swerved back on the path and came straight at me,” James-Houseman said.

What Nina James-Housemen first thought was a cat or coyote lurking in the distance was a vicious fox, a relentless one at that.

“I’m shuffling and moving and he comes off, comes around comes at me again, so I have to kick him and these are not small kicks these are full up. Like he’s airborne into the bushes on the side of the path,” James-Houseman said.

She kicked it at least 8 times before he finally skirted off the path.

“I’m thinking ‘how many times am I gonna have to kick this fox before he stops coming at me?'” James-Houseman said.

Two days later, Virginia Beach officials found a dead fox in the exact area of Nina’s attack.

The health department confirmed it tested positive for rabies.

“Its puncture wounds, but it wasn’t like he took a chunk out thank goodness,” James-Houseman said.

Photo: CNN Newsource

The fox left Nina with wounds on her upper thigh and knees.

She says next time she hits the trail, she’ll be prepared.

“I will definitely take mace or like a retractable baton something like that,” James-Houseman said.

Ninia says she has already had 9 shots, including tetanus and rabies vaccines since the attack.

She also has three more rounds to go to make sure she doesn’t get sick.

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