RICHMOND, Va. (WJHL)- Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that people will need to start wearing face masks in public, with several exceptions.

Governor Northam said in part, “Everyone will need to wear a face-covering when you are inside at a public place starting this Friday. That is at a store, a barbershop, a restaurant, on public transportation, at a government building, or anywhere where people can congregate in groups.”

Below is a slideshow Governor Northam also presented during his Tuesday briefing that shows exceptions to this mandate.

Governor Northam said children under 10 years of age do not fall under this mandate.

Governor Northam added, “This is a matter of public health and as a result any enforcement that is needed will be done by our health officials. This is not a criminal matter and our law enforcement, our police and our sheriffs will not have a role in enforcing this. I am not looking for people to get in trouble by not wearing a mask, but I am looking for people to please do the right thing.”

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