GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WRIC) — Two children were attacked by two dogs Wednesday morning as they waited for the school bus, leaving a 6-year-old boy severely injured with bite marks and scratches.

After the terrifying ordeal, caught on a home surveillance camera, Youssef Louza told 8News that his son Abanoub has had nightmares ever since the attack on Barwood Road.

“Today, he just told me, ‘I see two dogs attack me in a small room’ after he had waken up,” Louza said.

Louza continued, and said it was hard to see his son in pain in the street, and that there was “a lot of blood everywhere.”

Abanoub’s right leg was bitten and punctured in several places, and required at least fifty stitches, according to Louza.

Photos Louza provided show his son’s injuries, and distress, saying Abanoub was hurt on his “face, ears, but the most damage is in his right leg.”

A surveillance video shows the dogs attacking one child, who falls to the ground before trying to run away, but the dogs spot Abanoub next to his mother and go after him.

Court records indicated the other child was not seriously injured by the two dogs, female Rottweilers owned by Franklin Boyd, a neighbor.

Boyd faces seven charges related to the attack, including two civil charges of having a vicious dog, according to Henrico General District court records.

It’s unknown how the dogs ended up on the street, or if Boyd still has them in his possession. However, one of his charges is related to refusing to disclose the location of a dog.

Boyd is due in court on May 23 for his arraignment and was released on a court summons.