BRISTOL,VA (WJHL) — A traffic nightmare for people stranded on Interstate 81 in Southwest Virginia. 

Multiple vehicles became stalled in Abingdon around 11:15 a.m.

Throughout the day and evening, traffic has come to a complete standstill from Interstate 81’s Exit 74 in Bristol, Tennessee to Exit 14 in Abingdon.

News Channel 11’s Jordan Moore spent Sunday night near Interstate 81’s Exit 5 and spoke to those stuck in traffic and looking for a hotel room.

“Finally I decided to see if I could get along the shoulder of the road cause I saw that there was an entrance ramp ahead and I made it to the entrance ramp and went down the entrance ramp into town here and got a hotel room” Kim Corcoran said. 

The reason why Corcoran said she had to get off of interstate 81 here in Bristol is because of this

Traffic that’s just not budging  Corcoran said she was traveling from Georgia back home to Pennsylvania, 

And said everything was going okay until she hit the Tennessee-Virginia state line here on I-81 

“Personally I wasn’t aware that this wasn’t going on I thought I would be west enough of the storm so I wasn’t aware this was the situation otherwise I would have never came 81” 

Public information officer with Virginia state police Corinne Geller said they warned drivers to stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency 

“If you don’t have to travel then don’t, it’s the safest guarantee that you have that you won’t get your vehicle stuck you won’t slide off the roadway or you won’t be involved in a crash,” Geller said. 

When the snow started falling and fast Sunday morning, she said that’s where the problem started

“As vehicles continued to try to make their way through the treacherous road conditions they began sliding off the road and in some cases into one another and in some cases becoming stuck…and as more vehicles become stuck you’ve got to limit the vehicles moving through for the safety of the vehicles moving through and the safety of the crews” 

As we head into the overnight hours, state police and other officials are asking drivers once more- to stay home if at all possible

“So even though you might get through one stop gap on I-81 we still have other same situations with vehicles getting stuck and vehicles getting involved in crashes so it’s no guarantee it’s clear sailing the rest of the way on I-81.”