RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Hundreds of cars were stranded for hours on I-95 with crews cleaning up from yesterday’s winter storm — some stuck in their vehicles since the early evening.

The traffic jam is near Stafford County on the interstate, and over a dozen people have contacted the 8News newsroom in desperation saying this has been a nightmare with no sign of relief.

“Everybody right now is just sleeping it off,” said Marvin Romero, who has been stranded in his car with his two daughters since 3 p.m. Monday. ” [We’ve been] waiting for the time when we can finally be free from this.”

The standstill is happening from Fredericksburg down to Ruther Glen in Caroline County.

“I’m here with my daughter, my other daughter is in the back sleeping, this was totally unexpected,” he said. “Thankfully, we had some water. I actually walked around handing water out to people who may need the little I had myself.”

Photo from VDOT cameras

Drivers said they have been starving, freezing and worried about running out of gas before the traffic is relieved.

VDOT said the winter storm is to blame and crews are “working diligently” to get several disabled trucks off the highway in Stafford and Spotsylvania.

Right now, there is no concrete timetable or answers for the drivers.

The last update from VDOT came in around 2:15 a.m. this morning. The department said it won’t stop working until traffic is flowing.

Nina Semesta said she is afraid of running out of essentials.

“Right now, its below freezing. No easy access to gas, food or water and we can’t even exit the highway,” Semesta said.

Photo of backup as of 6:22 a.m.