Scott Co. Va. residents arrive in Richmond ahead of Monday’s Lobby Day


RICHMOND, Va. (WJHL) – Preparation continues for Monday’s Lobby Day in Virginia’s State Capitol.

Tens of thousands are expected to demonstrate for gun rights. Several of those people are from our region including Jeff Arrington from Scott County, Va.

Saturday, authorities were busy screening visitors in Richmond.

Virginia’s highest court on Friday upheld a ban on firearms at a pro-gun rally in the state’s capitol.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Lobby Day is expected to start early Monday morning.

It’s an event authorities feared could erupt in violence at the hands of armed extremists.

“There’s concerns that this is going to get out of hand. We don’t want to see this come off negatively. This is a positive event. It’s always went off peacefully,” said Scott County, Va. resident Jeff Arrington.

Arrington is part of a group called the Scott County VA Gun Owners.

“It’s a grassroots organization. We literally are just some citizens that reached out to me after a board of supervisors meeting several weeks ago where we, Scott County, declared it a second amendment sanctuary and ever since that time it’s just a group of citizens just trying to work together to push for preserving our God-given rights,” said Arrington.

He made his way to Richmond on Sunday to express his concerns at Virginia’s Capitol.

“The primary concern is the simple fact of, as law-abiding citizens, it concerns us that these bills are going to change law-abiding citizens essentially into literally felons because of something that we’ve had as a heritage our entire life,” said Arrington.

He’s hoping to bring up two items to state legislators.

“The so-called assault weapons ban. You know there’s a number of issues with that,” he explained.

Arrington continues by saying, “I’m sure that everyone has heard of the red flag laws. Not only is that a concern from a Second Amendment perspective but folks who may be interested in say the Fifth Amendment or Sixth Amendment which covers due process as well as the right to be able to face your accuser if you’re being accused of a crime those rights are also being violated by the red flag laws.”

Arrington wants to be a voice for the people in Scott County.

“I just really want to spread education, I want to spread knowledge. We want to make sure we understand and everybody understands that Second Amendment support is not a support for a specialist agenda, it’s truly just a support for equal rights being shared and practiced by those who chose to exercise that right or not,” he explained.

Also in Southwest Virginia Sunday, roughly 100 people are holding a rally in Wise County before they head to Richmond to Demonstrate for gun rights.

That rally is open to the public and is set for 11 p.m.

Speakers will include Wise County and City of Norton Commonwealth’s Attorney, Chuck Slemp.

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