Not married to debt: Tiny Chapel Weddings offers a cheaper ceremony alternative with the same ‘I Do’


ASHLAND, Va. (WRIC) — The coronavirus pandemic has caused many engaged lovers to postpone their wedding days. But a special venue is taking advantage of the time to ring those wedding bells in a way you won’t forget.

The gatherings may be smaller — but Tiny Chapel Weddings alongside the ‘I-Do Drive-Thru’ are giving couples a chance to host their weddings in a unique venue.

The Tiny Chapel, attached to the back of Malbon’s pickup truck.

Reverend Bil Malbon began his tiny chapel venture in 2008 after garnering inspiration by the recession. He said that his goal was to make a spot to wed that would be a cheaper alternative to a normal wedding venue.

“I would much rather them take that money and add it to the honeymoon,” Rev. Malbon said. “With the pandemic, we’ve had the special opportunity to make it available to more couples because they’ve lost their deposits and they’ve lost their venues. This allows couples to downsize and still have a special day.”

Malbon has hosted Tiny Chapel Weddings around Virginia but has even left the state to Chicago, Washington D.C., and the Outer Banks. He has also teamed up with ‘I-Do Drive-Thru’ photographer Hunter Henkel.

Reverend Malbon holding the groom’s ring.

The ‘COVID-19 special’ pricing for the Tiny Chapel begins at $300, and Malbon said that the ceremony is meant to focus on the couple and give them an opportunity to have a smaller wedding.

“I believe that couples should be married to each other and not married to debt.”

Reverend Bil Malbon

Gardner Harris married his new-wife, Allyson, at the chapel on Sunday. He said the decision to have it at the Tiny Chapel was a no-brainer after his friend’s wife recommended the alternative after using the chapel himself.

“When we were discussing what we were going to do and where we were going to do it, this came up,” Harris said. “We looked at the website and talked to him. He said, ‘you’ve gotta do this.’ And here we are and it was indeed the correct decision.”

Both Gardner and Allyson are professors at Hampden-Sydney College and met in 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

Reverend Malbon said that as long as people are getting married, his chapel will be available to all people who are looking to tie the knot in or out of Virginia.

“We specialize in small but we love to do it all,” Malbon said.


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